Perfume introduction
Perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fixatives and liquid alcohol and ethyl acetate, used to make objects (usually body parts) have a lasting and pleasing odor. Essential oils taken from flowers and plants, extracted by distillation or fat absorption method can also be used organic scented. Fixing agent is used to combine a variety of spices, including balsam, ambergris and civet cats and musk deer gland secretions gas body. Alcohol or ethyl acetate concentration depends on perfume, eau de toilette or cologne. Perfume shelf life, depending on the storage environment, dark, cool place, can be saved for a long time, decades or even centuries.
Perfume Classification
Perfume alcohol concentration can vary and spices and is divided into several levels, in general, perfume fragrance, perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, perfume light five levels. Different levels of perfume its durability and price also different.
Non-alcoholic ---------- Xiang Lu (ALCOHOL-FREE FRAGRANCE / BODY MIST)
10% --------- cologne (EAU DE COLOGNE)
---------- 10-20% perfume (EAU DE TOILETTE)
20-30% ---------- EDP (EAU DE PARFUM)
30% ------------- flavors (PARFUM)
Perfume save
Is the most basic way to run out as early as possible, but generally good perfume can still be saved if a good life for several years, then the following should give you some places to save perfume attention: [3]
1. Perfume should be stored in a cool place, avoid light under a hot air and, if exposed to high temperatures at perfume, fragrances tone and flavor will make a difference, if you want long-term preservation of perfume, you can use outsourcing to wrap the perfume, home in the refrigerator freezer.
2. Try to avoid friction and jiggle perfume bottles.
3. Do not directly touch the bottle with dirty fingers, this could undermine the perfume flavor.
4. Perfume after the use, the cap must be tightened to prevent the aroma of perfume volatile lazy to do.
5. Can be stored upside down to avoid air entering the bottle by bottle.
PS: Perfume usually can be stored for about a year, stored at room temperature. If you find the flavor fades, or the occurrence of acidity should be discarded.
1. Flavor is a "point", the perfume is a "line", Eau de Toilette is the "face" of the way, the lower the concentration, the wide range of painting.
2. Flavor point rub formula or a small range of the spray and pulse rate
3. Put on the site of the high temperature,
4. Do not put on perfume in the sunlight to the place
5. Perfume can be sprayed in a clean, just washed hair
6. Cotton, silk is easy to leave marks, do not spray on the fur, not only damage the fur, the color will change.
7. Perfume spray in wool, nylon cloth is not easy to leave spots. But the smell left on clothing will be more difficult to dissipate wool.